Etruscan Bean

Cortona  |  Tuscany  |  Italy
Fossa Granaia | Cabernet Sauvignon CORTONA DOC | Poggio Sorbello

These beans were selected by us starting from the zolfino bean. We chose the name “Etruscan beans” because of their colours: ocher, black, brown, etc., which recall those of the terracotta artefacts of the Etruscans. Their characteristics are similar to those of the zolfino beans, from which they derive, however, they stand out for being much tastier; since they are very variegated in colours they are also much richer in polyphenols.

Pack: 250g


Recommended recipe

Etruscan bean soup

The best way to taste the beans is to cook them as natural as possible. Soak the beans in cold water with a teaspoon of baking soda for about 6 hours. Drain and wash the beans, then place them in a pot with plenty of water and let simmer over a low flame for about 2 hours, until they are tender. Serve the beans with their own water, good extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. You can prepare excellent dishes, such as bruschettas, velvet sauces, tagliolini with beans and soups.

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